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On 18-12-15 15:30, Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> check with Bas and/or Andreas if they want to sponsor your package.

I'll review the updated otb package soon.

> I think we build against experimental because insighttoolkit was
> broken in unstable when we started packaging. It is now in unstable,
> so I think we can build against unstable.

Please be aware of the ongoing Perl 5.22 transition that's causing wide
build dependency uninstallability:


docbook2x that's used by a number of packages to generate manpages has
become installable on most architectures again, but lintian cannot be
installed in unstable yet.

Also note that otb build depends on libinsighttoolkit4-dev provided by
insighttoolkit4 which is currently prevented from migrating to testing
and only available for amd64 & i386:


This makes maintenance of otb much easier because you don't have to
worry about the ports. But it also makes otb unavailable on the other
architectures, and it's a bit of a shame to not also have it on the
modern arm* architectures at least.

The otb maintainer should be prepared to help out with the
insighttoolkit4 issues to remove the testing transition blocker.
Otherwise otb will never be included in the next Debian stable release,
but Ubuntu will sync it from unstable.

Kind Regards,


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