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Re: Sponsoring team upload of openstreetmap-carto


> piuparts is invaluable to to get proper removal and purging right, its
> - --install-remove-install and --install-purge-install options are very
> helpful.

These tests don't seem to easily verify the complex operation of moving
downloaded data files from the openstreetmap-carto to the
openstreetmap-carto-common package. I still have to create my own test for
> There is now a standard command provided by dpkg-maintscript-helper:
>  dir_to_symlink pathname new-target [prior-version [package]]
> I strongly recommend to use this.
> http://manpages.debian.org/cgi-bin/man.cgi?query=dpkg-maintscript-helper

This is very useful. It takes into account a few corner cases that I had not
taken into account yet (f.ex when another package actually has files in the
directory to be replaced with a symlink). I've added this to
openstreetmap-carto. It seems to spend quite a lot of time in preinst now, but
I believe it is because it checks the owner of every file in the symbols
directory (of which there are many files). It is only done once when upgrading
from the "old" version though, so no worries.
> openstreetmap-carto has a low popcon because it's a very new package,
> its use will increase much more once it's included in the next stable
> release.

That's what provides motivation to do a good job.
> > I'm sorry to waste your time, but if you have some available time
> > to upload this package, it would be appreciated.
> It's not wasted time, endlessly waiting for a sponsor qualifies better
> for that.

True ;)
> Since there is no rush to get the latest changes uploaded, it's better
> to get some more improvements into the package like the use of
> dpkg-maintscript-helper. Also if you haven't done any piuparts testing
> of the package, that's a good thing to do before the upload too to not
> wait for the bug Andreas Beckmann will report about it.

I've now as well added things to the maintainer scripts that will clean up if
the 2.35.0-2 install messes up the installation directory. I'm done now, but it
as a good idea to spend some days testing the package.


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