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Re: Sponsoring team upload of openstreetmap-carto

Hi again Bas,

While the package has been hanging around in the NEW queue, I've had quite a bit of time to test the package. One thing I've learnt, is that "Maintainer scripts" are not really straight forward... I've found a few issues while doing quite extensive testing of the different upgrade paths from the previous version of openstreetmap-carto.

Another thing is that apparently directories cannot be replaced by symbolic links during package upgrade unless some extra tweaking is added to the postinst script.

I've prepared a new package with all these things fixed. It is an advantage if it is uploaded before the package completes its NEW journey, but no crisis if not (considering the popcon data for openstreetmap-carto which indicates that it's still fairly unpopular).

I'm sorry to waste your time, but if you have some available time to upload this package, it would be appreciated.

The repo is of course found here:

Best regards,

On Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 09:33:44PM +0200, Ruben Undheim wrote:
> Thanks a lot for uploading!
> > Uploading to mentors is not strictly required because the package is
> > built for the git repo, but it's good to have uploads in your
> > workflow. Once you become a DM or DD you'll upload to the archive
> > instead of mentors. :-)
> Sounds good! I've been working with some sponsors that prefer having
> the package on mentors, but I suspected you were not one of those!
> One note though, I'm already a DM. :)
> Have a nice evening!
> Best regards,
> Ruben

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