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Re: upgrade orfeotoolbox to 5.0

On 2015-09-22 17:10, Rashad M wrote:
I had pushed some modifications:

Thanks for these changes.

otb-apps: all applications .so are moved into this package

Since this package only contains libraries naming it libotb-apps seems a better choice consistent with the other library packages. The otb-apps name suggests that it provides applications, but it does not, it provides libraries only.

Regarding symbol files, I decided not to create it right now as Russ
Albery's himself mentioned that it may not be worth for large libraries
with heavy usage of templates. Also OTB has version prefix in .so files
which is another reason pointed out by Russ to not use symbol files.

But I will try to experiment this feature and if the output symbol file is
helpful, I add to debian package.

Not using symbols files for C++ projects is perfectly fine, but need to use either symbols or shlibs files for the shared libraries, this is a Policy requirement:

To allow these dependencies to be constructed, shared libraries must provide either a symbols file or a shlibs file.


Make sure you've read and understand the entire Shared Libraries chapter in the Debian Policy, this is essential for anyone packaging shared libraries.

Any package using Standards-Version >= 3.9.5 needs to make sure it handles shared libraries correctly (this chapter saw significant change in policy version 3.9.5).

Regarding missing ITCopyright, the issue was resolved upstream.


Could I include that patch in the current packaging or wait for next
release ?

You don't need to include a patch for this change, it's sufficient to link to the new copyright file and include its content in the relevant Files section in the copyright file.

Can you confirm if the package is ready for experimental?

The missing symbols/shlibs files are still a blocker, if you're not going to use symbols files you need to add shlibs files or vice versa. If you're not going to do either you at least need to document your motivations in the comment of the respective lintian override. Beware that not adhering to the Debian Policy is a Release Critical bug that will prevent testing migration or removal from testing of the offending package.

After I get home from work I'll start a new build with your recent changes to see what else may need some more attention.

Kind Regards,


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