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Re: sfcgal package for postgis and others

Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl> wrote:

> Yes. I also tend to build the package first and then unpack the .deb
> with `dpkg-deb -R` and use the path to the unpacked library for the
> pkgkde-gensymbols -e option.
>> 2. Do I also need to keep symbols.amd64 (output of pkgkde-gensymbols) in git or is
>> it sufficient to keep debian/libsfcgal1.symbols
> No, you don't need to keep the symbols.* files around. They're only
> required to create the initial symbols file with pkgkde-symbolshelper.
> You can remove them after you've run `pkgkde-symbolshelper create`.

OK then. 

I pushed a new version to git.debian.org with the following changes:
* changed Version in debian/changelog to (1.1.0-2~exp1) UNRELEASED
* changed debian/libsfcgal1.symbols according to the manual from

Can I upload this to experimental myself now or do you need to assist?



The source code is not comprehensible
                 (found in bug section of man 8 telnetd on Redhat Linux)

/me is giggls@ircnet, http://sven.gegg.us/ on the Web

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