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Re: upgrade orfeotoolbox to 5.0

On 07/18/2015 01:09 AM, Rashad M wrote:
> One important thing even though a great deal of thirdparty sources are
> removed with the exception of 6S library (radiometry) and SIFT algorithm
> source. Indeed, these two sources can be excluded since OTB 5.0.0.
> I raised this point, because last time there was a discussion on the
> copyright of 6S code. We had given permission to use 6S code but it lacks a
> proper OSI approved license. The original code is in fortran and we uses a
> modified version (translated to C code).

What the exact text of the permission that was given?

> Is it be possible to get an exception for these sources?

If the custom license if DFSG compatible no exception is needed, if it's
not the files need to be removed or the package need to move to non-free.

> However, easiest solution is to remove the sources and deactivate them
> during build (Radiometry and SIFT features will be disabled).  If an
> exception is possible with some sort of procedure/validation/review that
> can run in background as OTB 5.0 get ready for Debian.
> http://6s.ltdri.org/

I don't find any license for the 6s upstream code, so I can't comment on
it further.

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