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Re: OpenStreetMap Software

> Sorry for the confusion, I meant more that packages _using_ maps
> may be merged / made consistent.

Consistency between packages is a good point. There is certain room for
improvement in that area, the EPSG derived data in GeoTIFF, PROJ.4,
PostGIS and friends comes to mind as a different example.

> e.g. checking whats involved in software such as zygrib, which plots maps
> under weather maps, using OSM rather than shipping its own maps.
> WRT GSHHS I'm more concerned that packages are consistent. For my own work
> in climate, when modeling / post-processing we have programs using
> different
> versions of GSHHS, etc. leading to errors (inconsistent mapping of
> land/ocean transports, etc.).
> Differing sources of maps (GHHS / OSM / ?) will matter, but it should be
> ok as long as
> we can label which applications use which maps and don't mix.

A solution to the different map versions may be a basemap package with OSM
and other map data which the various packages depend on instead of
shipping their own.

I'm skeptical of the usefulness of OSM data in a stable Debian release,
since it's constantly changing. But for certain use cases it may not be
such a bad idea.

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