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Re: OpenStreetMap Software

On 03/06/2015 05:56 PM, Jochen Topf wrote:
> I am not sure it make sense to package the contrib repository. It is a bit
> of a mixture of different things, mostly really demos for developers
> interested in working with libosmium.
> node-osmium and pyosmium are probably not quite ready for a release and
> packaging yet. I should be able to get to them sometime this month.
> For the moment I am concentrating on libosmium and osmium-tool, OSMCoastline
> isn't that important, but it is ready for a release, too. I have just tagged
> releases libosmium 2.0.0, osmium-tool 1.0.0, and osmcoastline 2.0.0. I am
> starting with version 2.0.0 for libosmium and osmcoastline to make sure it
> doesn't conflict with old osmium. I think we should probably call this package
> libosmium2-dev and leave the old libosmium-dev for the time being.

Thanks for the info about the development plans.

I will likewise concentrate on the libosmium, osmium-tool & osmcoatline

> I see you have set
> Upstream Author : Osmium Developers <dev@openstreetmap.org>
> Is that right? Thats a general OSM developer mailing list. Not really
> Osmium specific. We currently don't have any Osmium-specific mailing
> address except my own. I could create some @osmcode.org alias if that
> makes sense?

I chose that based on http://osmcode.org/contact, I can change it to you
like for the existing osmium package or something else you prefer.

copyright-format 1.0 specifies the Upstream-Contact as follows:

 Line-based list: the preferred address(es) to reach the upstream
 project. May be free-form text, but by convention will usually be
 written as a list of RFC5322 addresses or URIs.


The gen-itp script extracts the upstream author from this field in the
copyright file although they are not necessarily the same.

> For node-osmium and pyosmium you set the Languages to "Javascript" and
> "Python", respectively. Is that right? Because they are bindings for the C++
> lib for those languages they are mostly written in C++ themselves. libosmium
> you set "FIXME" as language, that has to be C++ obviously.

The FIXME was an oversight while filing the ITP, the gen-itp script
isn't very good at language detection and I forgot to fix it.

Since the bindings are mostly written in C++ using that instead would
have been better, but it's only used in the ITP, so not a big issue.

I'll push my initial packaging shortly so you can have a look at the
actual packaging.

Kind Regards,


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