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Re: OpenStreetMap Software


On related work, I've an outstanding TODO to merge several other map packages
in Debian:


A bunch of packages uses GSHHS maps, which should be merged. These include
the gshhs packages, magics++, zgygrib, matplotlib/basemap.

Should osmium be added to this?


On 11/03/2015 17:18, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
> Hi Jochen,
> On 03/06/2015 06:08 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 03/06/2015 05:56 PM, Jochen Topf wrote:
>>> I see you have set
>>> Upstream Author : Osmium Developers <dev@openstreetmap.org>
>>> Is that right? Thats a general OSM developer mailing list. Not really
>>> Osmium specific. We currently don't have any Osmium-specific mailing
>>> address except my own. I could create some @osmcode.org alias if that
>>> makes sense?
>> I chose that based on http://osmcode.org/contact, I can change it to you
>> like for the existing osmium package or something else you prefer.
> The libosmium package is basically ready, the last outstanding issue is
> the preferred content of the Upstream-Contact field in the copyright file.
> This is currently:
>  Osmium Developers <dev@openstreetmap.org>
> And I'm tempted to change it to the contact URL:
>  Osmium Developers (http://osmcode.org/contact)
> While for the (old) osmium package it's
>  Jochen Topf <jochen@topf.org>
> What is your preference as upstream developer?
> Kind Regards,
> Bas
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