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Re: osmosis: dependency upgraded

Sebastiaan Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl> writes:

> On 03/03/2015 09:45 PM, Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> On 03/03/2015 08:54 PM, Felix Natter wrote:
>>> Felix Natter <fnatter@gmx.net> writes:
>>>> I verified that libwoodstox-java 4.1.3 compiles with the new
>>>> knopflerfish, but OSGi problems may manifest at runtime,
>>>> so I would like to verify whether libwoodstox-java still works
>>>> by testing osmosis.
>>>> osmosis 0.43.1-2 compiles with the new libwoodstox-java (which is
>>>> expected, because its interface hasn't changed), but how can I check
>>>> whether the (XML)functionality from libwoodstox-java still works?
>>> One more thing: As Giovanni Mascellani mentioned on d-java:
>>> osmosis only *build*-depends on libwoodstox-java so maybe
>>> this is an error and it is not required?
>> The libwoodstox-java dependency may not be strictly required, it was
>> dropped from the package in 0.40.1+ds1-2 by Giovanni.
>> I hadn't noticed that changelog entry when I updated the package and
>> added the build dependencies listed in gradle.properties.
>> It seems those are dependencies specified upstream are highly outdated.
>>>From the looks of it, woodstox and stax were used for XML support in
>> Java 5. osmosis currently requires at least Java 6 which includes stax
>> in the JDK. But the osmosis code now uses javax.xml for its SAX parsing
>> needs.
>> I'll update the dependencies in the package and will ask upstream to do
>> the same for osmosis itself.

hi Bas,

> Having looked a bit more into this, I see that my earlier assessment is
> probably wrong.
> So I'll leave the dependency as-is for now.
> To test whether the XML functionality in osmosis still works, you can
> let osmosis convert an OSM PBF file to XML and vice versa. For test data
> I suggest the Liechtenstein OSM data from GeoFabrik:
> http://download.geofabrik.de/europe/liechtenstein.html
> Convert the PBF to XML, and the XML to another PBF. Convert the new PBF
> to another XML file and compare both PBF & OSM files:
> osmosis -v 9 --read-pbf file=liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf \
>              --write-xml file=liechtenstein-latest.osm
> osmosis -v 9 --read-xml file=liechtenstein-latest.osm \
>              --write-xml file=liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf2

That should be "--write-pbf" ;-)

> osmosis -v 9 --read-pbf file=liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf2 \
>              --write-xml file=liechtenstein-latest.osm2

Thanks for the input!

$ diff liechtenstein-latest.osm liechtenstein-latest.osm2 
$ diff liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf2
Binary files liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf and liechtenstein-latest.osm.pbf2 differ

It seems to be successful, the log is here:

Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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