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Re: osmosis: dependency upgraded

On 03/03/2015 08:54 PM, Felix Natter wrote:
> Felix Natter <fnatter@gmx.net> writes:
>> I verified that libwoodstox-java 4.1.3 compiles with the new
>> knopflerfish, but OSGi problems may manifest at runtime,
>> so I would like to verify whether libwoodstox-java still works
>> by testing osmosis.
>> osmosis 0.43.1-2 compiles with the new libwoodstox-java (which is
>> expected, because its interface hasn't changed), but how can I check
>> whether the (XML)functionality from libwoodstox-java still works?
> One more thing: As Giovanni Mascellani mentioned on d-java:
> osmosis only *build*-depends on libwoodstox-java so maybe
> this is an error and it is not required?

The libwoodstox-java dependency may not be strictly required, it was
dropped from the package in 0.40.1+ds1-2 by Giovanni.

I hadn't noticed that changelog entry when I updated the package and
added the build dependencies listed in gradle.properties.

It seems those are dependencies specified upstream are highly outdated.
>From the looks of it, woodstox and stax were used for XML support in
Java 5. osmosis currently requires at least Java 6 which includes stax
in the JDK. But the osmosis code now uses javax.xml for its SAX parsing

I'll update the dependencies in the package and will ask upstream to do
the same for osmosis itself.

Kind Regards,


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