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Re: Ossim packages in DebianGIS

On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 4:22 PM, Francesco P. Lovergine <frankie@debian.org> wrote:
On Sat, Mar 08, 2014 at 03:05:22PM +0100, Rashad M wrote:
> About Ossim (the lib) I'm not sure if supporting the MPI flavor should
> > be a priority, for instance. I would avoid having still another
> > horror story as in the HDF5 case.
> >
> Can you give your advice?
> >
> > No supporting MPI could be avoided for now. I too had such bad stories in
> packaging ossimpreadator and also I think OTB doesnt rely on OSSIM's MPI
> code. But I would ask OTB devs to have a word on it.

About Ossim vs Geos, I wonder if the C++ interface is truly required.
I actually linked both C/C++ libraries without a deeper analysis. Officially,
Geos deprecates the use of the C++ interface by third parties, but
I'm not sure about that. If you did verify its status it would help.

I found that Geos is used in ossimPolyArea2d class which inturn is used ossimPolyCutter and ossimTrimFilter which are truly required. Although  C++ code of geos that is used and I didnt find any issues when compiling with gcc. 

If the C++ interface is deprecated by Geos that make it intolerable for any existing libraries using that part and I think ossim will also be replacing geos like all others. 

Copy paste from geos page[1]:

The recommended low-level interface to the GEOS library is the simplified C wrapper interface. This will ensure stability of the API and the ABI of the library during performance improvements that will likely change classes definitions.

If you prefer troubles you can use the C++ interface

This is not that comfortable in the main page of documentation and keep people away. I really dont understand what they mean by "troubles".  Is it incorrectly spelled some how? ( no offense. just a joke)

[1] http://geos.refractions.net/ro/doxygen_docs/html/index.html

Francesco P. Lovergine


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