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Re: Ossim packages in DebianGIS

Hi Frankie,

On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 2:49 PM, Francesco P. Lovergine <frankie@debian.org> wrote:
On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 10:44:46PM -0800, Hamish wrote:
> Rashad wrote:
> > In continuation of IRC chat on #osgeo-live @ freenode. I would
> > like to check the possibility of merging some previous packaging
> > effort on ossim to DebianGIS. I had ossim and its related
> > packages: ossimPlanet, ossimPlanetQt, ossimPlugins, libwms and
> > ossimpredator(some problems was there for predator and I was
> > forced to disable it) in ubuntugis PPA. ossim lib and its dev
> > packages has been updated after that (some time ago) but its
> > related packages are behind two stable releases IIRC. I have the
> > debian files for all those packages and could rebuild those
> > easily.
> >
> > As there is some working going on for ossim and its
> > related packaging in DebianGIS would it be possible to merge my
> > previous effort? If so please provide me some pointers to achieve
> > this. I was involved with UbuntuGIS PPA and also time to time in
> > GRASS GIS ppa but never worked on DebianGIS. But If possible I
> > could try.
> Hi Rashad,
> you are most welcome, it is very handy for us to have someone trusted
> by upstream who can submit patches so they can appear in the next
> release. makes the packaging easier and the feedback loop tighter. :)
> Frankie should be able to set you up with a rashad-guest account to
> get access to the DebianGIS git repo, and we can all focus our efforts
> on packaging in one repo, instead of multiple people using multiple
> repos and duplicating each others work, or letting the packaging
> efforts get far out of sync so merge isn't easily possible.
> I think you already had some experience having the launchpad grass
> package PPA pulling from the debiangis build files, so the ppa
> for ubuntu could stay up to date but the debian/ files primarily
> maintained only in one place for all debian&deriv distros?



I'm currently completing work on an up-to-date libossim package. I used
some work taken from your PPA package, but it had need some reshuffle
in order to be compliant with current Debian Policy, and I strongly
suggest you familiarize with it.

Please let me know about the policy and also provide some documentation on getting these packages in DebianGIS. 
As said previously my main interest
is allowing a fast injectiong of Orfeo Toolbox in DebianGis, and
your interest in the whole Ossim toolchain is welcome, because
I have not the time and energy to push it more, also because
its documentation and structure is still a bit confused and
requires time to spend to well understand the global design.
I'd like to see the Qt components in as well.

So ossim-core and ossim-dev is finished and I will push others in ossim chain (ossimplanet, ossimplanetQt, libwms, ossimplugins (gdal, contrib etc..) and ossim_qt4( no recent updates but have 2D viewer iview). 

New ossimGui is good but no idea about the stable verison of ossimGui. I will ask garret and find out that,

About Ossim (the lib) I'm not sure if supporting the MPI flavor should
be a priority, for instance. I would avoid having still another
horror story as in the HDF5 case. 
Can you give your advice?

No supporting MPI could be avoided for now. I too had such bad stories in packaging ossimpreadator and also I think OTB doesnt rely on OSSIM's MPI code. But I would ask OTB devs to have a word on it.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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