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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] libpgjava in main

> > > would it be exaggerated to ask for it on woody too?
> > 
> > Do you mean libpgjava to main for woody ? As I understand the stable
> > point releases of debian this is not possible - as it not fixes a
> > security issue nor brings back the version in sync for all arches.
> > 
> > But for an upload of postgis to debian only sarge/unstable are a
> > target at all. A new package can't be included in a stable
> > distribution (woody) !
> so postgis cannot enter woody anyway, and libpostgisjava doesn't fully
> work on woody anyway.
> but debian gis repository still keeps woody, and making for it might
> still require splitting the package.

If it was done it would have to be an unofficial package living just
here on the Alioth repository, but I think there might be lots of
cascading dependencies which would also need to be backported, making
the job to hard to be worth it. Of course this could just be a
perception issue and one dedicated person can make all the difference
if they are stubborn enough... just depends where the effort/payoff
ratio falls. Here it might be lots of effort for little perceived


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