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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] libpgjava in main

alex bodnaru wrote:
hi wolfgang,

it is very good news, thanks a lot.

as for postgis, the situation is quite ironic. we have a very well
accepted package, and it will improve with upstream autoconf, but our
efforts to make it available on debian gis are technically frustrating.

Whats the problem ?

but i will happily remove the with and without java options.

would it be exaggerated to ask for it on woody too?

Do you mean libpgjava to main for woody ? As I understand the stable
point releases of debian this is not possible - as it not fixes a
security issue nor brings back the version in sync for all arches.

But for an upload of postgis to debian only sarge/unstable are a target
at all. A new package can't be included in a stable distribution
(woody) !


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