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Re: Plans for GCC in Squeeze

Selon Hector Oron:
> Hello Vincent,
>> That said, I have absolutely no idea if it is possible or not to
>> allow the user to choose its cross toolchain (but I'm sure that this
>> would be more difficult to implement than your proposition).
> Yes, that is going to be very hard to do, let's think about it.
> Coding gcc's debian dir to be able to produce cross compilers is not
> trivial either.
> I would sign up now if i could have that feature, even if i have to be
> root to use it.

To me, the feature you describe sounds a lot like multilib.  It seems that
we could achieve the effects you want with a single compiler and multiple
run-time libraries and compilation options.  If I am correct then it
should be possible to leverage GCC's existing multilib support and
produce binary packages for several libraries.  Am I missing something?

Ludovic Brenta.

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