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Re: Plans for GCC in Squeeze

Hector Oron wrote:
> Hello again,
>   I would like to comment just an idea for a bit discussion, from the
> point of view of cross toolchains. During FOSDEM we had been
> discussing about supporting diferent configurations of cross
> compilers, for example, for arm architecture, you might want softfloat
> or not, turn on some extensions, like iwmmxt or not. There can be more
> that ten ways of configuring a toolchain for just arm.
>   The way we had been discusing is to provide a diverted libgcc
> package changeable by update-alternatives, so with just one multilib'd
> compiler and many libgcc, you could have this cool feature available.
> I might be missing something and this just not work, but what do you
> think?

Does it mean you must be root to choose amongst the different installed
configuration on the machine ? (by running update-alternatives)

If this is right, I do not really see the advantage to divertion with
respect to conflicting packages.


> Regards

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