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Plans for GCC in Squeeze

I met Matthias Klose at FOSDEM on Saturday and he expressed the desire to
talk about plans for GCC in Debian Squeeze.  Unfortunately we did not
have an opportunity to do so.  Therefore I would like to have this
discussion on this here list; if we need to have a face-to-face meeting,
maybe I could be persuaded to attend the next DebConf.

On to things Matthias said to me:

* he would like to migrate to Bazaar.

I personally have no objection because I will simply change my tailor
scripts and continue using monotone as I have done for the past two
years.  My only requirements are:

(1) publish a bazaar repository on some Debian server (e.g. alioth) and
designate that repo as the "central" or "canonical" repo.
(2) announce the migration on this list and on debian-devel-announce both
before and after the migration.
(3) remove the Subversion repository completely, so people do not wonder
why the Subversion repo is no longer updated.

PS. My monotone database contains proper tags on the proper revisions. I
suggest that it may be a better source than the Subversion repository for
creating the Bazaar repository because Subversion has no idea what a tag
is.  Similarly, my monotone database has proper branches whereas
Subversion doesn't even know what a branch is.  Contact me if you are

PPS. Of course, if someone would like to use monotone, you are welcome to
use my public database if you like; contact me if you are interested.

* Choosing the default GCC for Squeeze

I will continue with my policy of supporting exactly one release of GCC
for all Ada packages.   I will choose this release in coordination with
other GCC language maintainers.

Both Matthias and I are undecided as to which release we should support. I
am leaning towards GCC 4.4 because I like the very long stage 4 it is
going through and I believe this will result in a very stable release.

* Ada in Debian Squeeze

As far as GCC is concerned, my plans are (tentatively) to:

- enable support for multilib (this support is new in the Ada parts of GCC
- provide at least one cross-compiler package. The first target I will try
to support is arm.

Of course, any help is welcome on this font :)

Ludovic Brenta.

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