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Re: Plans for GCC in Squeeze

Hector Oron writes:
> Hello Ludovic,
>   I would be interested on making cross toolchains to build. I have
> already been doing some work on them.
>   Please, just let me know what the changes you are doing with
> repositories or i would not mind to use yours. I just mostly submit
> diffs from apt sources to the bug system.

I think it is a bit early to dive down into coding just now; first I
would like some consensus on the canonical version control system and
on which version of GCC to aim for.

That said, one of the first things we'll have to do is to branch
gcc-snapshot into gcc-4.4.  I see that the last update to
branches/sid/gcc-snapshot, in the Subversion repository, dates back to
2007-06-13.  This begs the question: Matthias, where do you keep the
gcc-snapshot scripts? (are they identical to the latest gcc-4.3

>> * Ada in Debian Squeeze
>> As far as GCC is concerned, my plans are (tentatively) to:
>> - enable support for multilib (this support is new in the Ada parts of GCC
>> 4.4).
>> - provide at least one cross-compiler package. The first target I will try
>> to support is arm.
>> Of course, any help is welcome on this font :)
> I shall try to help in this way.

Thanks a lot.

Ludovic Brenta.

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