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Re: iptables : no logs in kernel logs

source of problem is found : the rules as not matched
as I expected (--in-interface and --out-interface are
not matched as they were in my original install,
and this is why the LOG rules do not output anything).

I may launch a new thread about this problem rather soon..

thanks to all for your suggestions.


> try to add --log-level option, if you do a ps -ef |grep syslog is the
process active ?, did you modify the syslog.conf file?. If you have to
much problems i sugest to use ULOG in debian apt-get install ULOG and
all  trafic you want to LOG, change LOG by ULOG and be saved by
> default in /var/log/ulog/syslogemu.log file.
> 2005/5/24, Gian Piero Carrubba <gp-ml@rm-rf.it>:
>> Il giorno lun, 23/05/2005 alle 21.20 +0200, Pierre Volcke ha scritto:
>> > >> the problem is : I cannot see *any* logs from
>> > >> iptables into the kernel logs
>> > >> (but I know that my INPUT/OUTPUT/FORWARD chains
>> > >> are doing their job anyway).
>> > >
>> > > Are you *telling* iptables to log anything? iptables only logs what
>> you
>> > > tell it to, with -j LOG.
>> >
>> > oh yes, of course, I forgot to mention it.
>> > i'm logging lot of things with the -j LOG flag.
>> > (my firewall script used to work very fine on another
>> > distro.)
>> Just to be sure, can you log any kernel message (try with
>> modprobe/insmod) ? If not, pay attention to start klogd _after_ syslog,
in order not to break the pipe. If you're using the default sysklogd,
>> should be the default behaviour. In that case, I've no suggestions.
Simply try to log a packet just before dropping it, and see if it's
really dropped.
>> Ciao,
>> Gian Piero.
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