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Re: iptables : no logs in kernel logs

Il giorno lun, 23/05/2005 alle 21.20 +0200, Pierre Volcke ha scritto:
> >> the problem is : I cannot see *any* logs from
> >> iptables into the kernel logs
> >> (but I know that my INPUT/OUTPUT/FORWARD chains
> >> are doing their job anyway).
> >
> > Are you *telling* iptables to log anything? iptables only logs what you
> > tell it to, with -j LOG.
> oh yes, of course, I forgot to mention it.
> i'm logging lot of things with the -j LOG flag.
> (my firewall script used to work very fine on another
> distro.)

Just to be sure, can you log any kernel message (try with
modprobe/insmod) ? If not, pay attention to start klogd _after_ syslog,
in order not to break the pipe. If you're using the default sysklogd, it
should be the default behaviour. In that case, I've no suggestions.
Simply try to log a packet just before dropping it, and see if it's
really dropped.

Gian Piero.

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