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Re: logging with firehol

On 28/05/2004 Gian Piero Carrubba wrote:
> > diana50 ( over TCP, but on which port?
> SPT=$source_port
> DPT=$destination_port

cool, thanks a lot ,)

> > Why is this in syslog? If it's only about a connection that went through
> > an open port, how can i turn this off?
> You have some iptables rule with target -j LOG (maybe a catch-all rules
> for rejected packages). However, as I don't use firehol, I can't help
> you any further but address you to firehol documentation. I'm sure
> firehol permits to turn off logging or, better idea, use the ULOG target
> so not to log via syslog.

mh, how can i turn on ulog, and what exactly does it provide? logging to
a specified log file?


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