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Re: Validating NT thought a natting firewall

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Mike Mestnik wrote:
> My previous post was thinking you where DNATing to the servers, a common
> nat setup.  However your SNATing to them too segragate them from the local
> net.

i tried today your suggestion of using only wins but no succes.
The "segregated" ones are not the server, but just 4 workstaion.
the arrangement is this:

{INTERNET}---[router]---{mynet (a.b.c.2-19=servers}---[marte]--{labnet}
             [a.b.c.1]        a.b.c.32-191=WS       [a.b.c.192-199]

LAbnet contain a number of hosts ... only 4 of them must have access from
mynet and full access to whole internet.
The PDC/BDC are 11 13 15 17 19 .... 
There are no problem in accessing . just i cannot for example give
permission on a file on a host in labnet since it say it cannot contact
the PDC ... BTW i can access without problem the Server fron the
segregated host and even the other way (using a local user).

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