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Re: logging with firehol

Il ven, 2004-05-28 alle 17:59, Jonas Meurer ha scritto:
> in my eyes this looks like some tiny people (
> and requested something on my server
> diana50 ( over TCP, but on which port?


> Why is this in syslog? If it's only about a connection that went through
> an open port, how can i turn this off?

You have some iptables rule with target -j LOG (maybe a catch-all rules
for rejected packages). However, as I don't use firehol, I can't help
you any further but address you to firehol documentation. I'm sure
firehol permits to turn off logging or, better idea, use the ULOG target
so not to log via syslog.

> if it's a request trial that was rejected, why do I get this that often?

portscanning, remote exploits, misconfigured servers, worms, and so on.
Don't mind to feel as you're alone in internet :)

Gian Piero.

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