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Re: Validating NT thought a natting firewall

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 21:36, Leonardo Boselli wrote:
> All service run smoothly except that if I try from one of such machines to
> login as a non local user or try to add permission for an user on the
> server the machines invariantly say that thy cannot access main server.

this sounds to be me like the computer has problems finding the domain
things like netbios names/logon server/domain etc

usually a broadcast is sent to find out who the PDC (or just any logon
server) for that domain, if you are doing NAT, I bet this broadcast
thing breaks. Its the same situation using routers between windows
networks... a solution for this is setting up a WINS server on the NT
servers and enter the IP of the wins server on all windows clients, this
may solve your problems..


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