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Re: logging with firehol

Il ven, 2004-05-28 alle 20:18, Jonas Meurer ha scritto:

> mh, how can i turn on ulog, and what exactly does it provide? logging to
> a specified log file?

As said, I don't use firehol, so I can't help about how you can do that,
nevertheless I'm sure you can.
Generally speaking, you need a kernel with support for ulog target and
netlink device, a running ulogd daemon and an iptables rule that
redirect packages to ULOG target (instead of LOG).
With ulogd you can log to a specified file or to a running sql server
(mysql and postgres supported, not sure about others). Can't remember if
other possibilities allowed (they are enough for my needs).
As a side note, unless corrected in the last release, due to some
changes the ulogd daemon present in woody can't work with kernels >
2.4.17 (or .16 ?), so if you use woody and a kernel > 2.4.(17|16) you
need a backported ulogd.

Gian Piero.

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