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Re: Spam

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 03:32:32PM -0300, Fabricio Cannini Flores wrote:
> The question might be: 
> Is lists.debian.org running an open-relay mail server? 

I very seriously doubt that.

The lists are, however, open to all comers as far as sending a message to
most (if not all) Debian lists.

To show that the messages are in fact coming through the Debian lists, you
want to have a look at the Recieved: headers for the message.  If it's gone
through the Debian servers, then yes, it has been sent to a debian list
submission address.  You should be able to tell which list(s) by the info in
the headers.

> Since i've unsubscribed my old (e-mail) address from all Debian lists,
> i've *never ever* received one only of this 'worm-mails' again!! 
> After subscribing my new address, my inbox has been flooded with
> this $#!t!!! 
> Why? 

Possibly because the lists are being sent these messages, and it's just
faithfully passing them on.

Listmasters, if there is enough spare processing power, amavis with clamav
does catch these - I'm presuming it would be a fairly straightforward thing
to install.  I understand if it's not practical to install however.

- Matt

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