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Re: Spam

I've had the same thing.  When Gibe first came out, we got 3 per day total on
our server (only about 30 email addresses on 4 domains)...  I posted something
to this list and I started get 100 a day.   I posted again, it went up to 200. 
Right now I'm getting about 350/day and I'm sure after this post I'll get a few
hundred more.

Very annoying.  From bounces that certain virus scanners (other than mine) send,
I can see alot of addresses such as debianlist@wherever.com...  Definately
people smarter than me, because I'd sure have liked to turn off this email
address and start a new one for the list.  Live and learn I guess.


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Quoting Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de>:

> Am 2003-10-10 12:21:56, schrieb Frederik Rousseau:
> >I have some kind of same situation. When I'm posting to a list of debian,
> I'm 
> >receiving the same day 500 virus infected e-mails, for the moment all Swen
> >viruses ...
> >As mentioned before, amavis with an antivivirus does a perfect job by
> scanning 
> >my mails and moving the infected mails to a "virus mail account". I check 
> >this account just to know how much virusses I received ... nice :)
> >
> >Fred
> ???
> Curently I have no VIRUS/SPAM Filter and I do posting every day to the 37 
> Debian-Lists I subscribed....
> I get less then 3 SPAMS per day and no VIRUSES...
> You must have done somthing wrong !
> Greetings
> Michelle
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> http://counter.li.org.
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