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Re: General notice

Am 2003-10-14 08:23:58, schrieb Matthew Palmer:

>You don't actually understand Swen's major address collection mode, do you? 
>Swen scrapes addresses from news servers - and since most Debian lists are
>mail<->news gatewayed, it means that your address probably got scraped off a
>news server, not from a subscriber to this list.

This is not right, because 'swen' is not a mail/news-server Virus. 
It is a user space Virus.

But some people creating local mailarchives under Windows, which is 
spiderd by 'swen'. After that, 'swen' use its own smtp machine to 
send the BULLSHIT out.

So if you habe a Debian Archive like me with more then 3.2 Million 
Messages in Maildirs, 'swen' will be very happy if you run Windows. 


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