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Re: Spam

Matthew Palmer wrote:

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 10:59:59AM +0200, Dije DJ Mashao wrote:
Since joining  this mailing list I have received over 100 spam emails. I
just joined yesterday.

Did they come through the list?  I haven't received any, and this account is
unprotected at my end.

If I may make the rather obvious suggestion, perhaps the receipt of the spam
and your subscription to the list may be coincidental.

Don't think so.
After my post the day before yesterday the Swen-problem escalated from about 50 mails/day to over 200.
I just can't be an accident.

Has everybody on this list the latest Microsft patches installed where applicable?
Swen is searching the web cache.

Best regards

Martin Burman, Sweden.

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