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Re: Spam

Am 2003-10-11 00:45:37, schrieb Jean Christophe ANDRÉ:

Salut jean Christophe, 

>The headers tell they are using my subscribing email, which is some email
>address (debian@...) I use for nothing else than receiving emails... It's
>not published anywhere and I never use it for sending email, off course.
>I just can not figure out how they did find it!

Arggggg !!! 

Mee too !!!
I am subscribed to 37 Debian-Lists and for each list I use another 
E-Mail !!! So I have 37 Mail-Accounts to create my Mailing-List 
Archive Localy. 

Since yesterday I have gotten around 14.000 VIRUS/SPAM Bounces !!!

As you see in The Header, I use linux4michelle@... to post to the 
Debian-Lists Which mean, that the other 37 Mail-Adresses must be 
clean, because I never use this E-Mails to post !!!

>I also receive spam related to bugs I have declared to the BTS... And I hope
>you won't tell me I'm doing something wrong by writing to the BTS! ;-)))

Some Developpers are very angry about you ??? 
You write to much Bug-Reports 

Greetings from Strasbourg

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