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Re: Spam

On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 12:45:37AM +0700, Jean Christophe ANDR? wrote:
> Michelle Konzack écrivait :
> > Curently I have no VIRUS/SPAM Filter and I do posting every day to the 37
> > Debian-Lists I subscribed.... I get less then 3 SPAMS per day and no
> > VIRUSES... You must have done somthing wrong !

your ISP might filter already for you ?

(by the way, i noticed that spamassassin without any anti-virus packages installed
already filters loads of viruses)

> I get no virus too, but antivirus answers and I get more spam than last
> month and the months before ...
> The headers tell they are using my subscribing email, which is some email
> address (debian@...) I use for nothing else than receiving emails... It's
> not published anywhere and I never use it for sending email, off course.
> I just can not figure out how they did find it!

most debian-lists have a public archive, and quite some archives end up in google etc.
(which is a good thing, one of the reasons i like google)

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