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Re: Spam

Am 2003-10-10 12:21:56, schrieb Frederik Rousseau:
>I have some kind of same situation. When I'm posting to a list of debian, I'm 
>receiving the same day 500 virus infected e-mails, for the moment all Swen 
>viruses ...
>As mentioned before, amavis with an antivivirus does a perfect job by scanning 
>my mails and moving the infected mails to a "virus mail account". I check 
>this account just to know how much virusses I received ... nice :)


Curently I have no VIRUS/SPAM Filter and I do posting every day to the 37 
Debian-Lists I subscribed....

I get less then 3 SPAMS per day and no VIRUSES...

You must have done somthing wrong !


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