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Re: cable modem on home network

On Tue, Apr 02, 2002 at 08:22:02AM -0500, mheyes@lincolnfp.com wrote:
> I have a small "network" at home with a dialup internet connection to box-1
> with one Ethernet card. The Ethernet card is connected to a hub, which is
> connected to box-2. Box-1 has ipmasq, and ipchains. Everything works as it
> should from both boxes.
> I would like to use a cable modem (if Comcast ever gets around to
> provisioning the cable modem). I am pretty sure I can get the DHCP stuff
> working on the first box, but I am not sure about how to get the second box
> to connect to box-1 or the internet.

You'll want to add a second ethernet card to box-1. That card will go
directly to the cable modem. box-1 will be your firewall and router.

Odds are your cable company doesn't want to provide a second IP, or will
charge you for the privilege. Since you mentioned ipmasq already, odds are
good that you just need to change your config from ppp0 to eth1 on box-1,
assuming that eth1 is the new card plugged into the cable modem, and you
can use your RFC1918 addresses just as before.


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