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cable modem on home network

I have a small "network" at home with a dialup internet connection to box-1
with one Ethernet card. The Ethernet card is connected to a hub, which is
connected to box-2. Box-1 has ipmasq, and ipchains. Everything works as it
should from both boxes.

I would like to use a cable modem (if Comcast ever gets around to
provisioning the cable modem). I am pretty sure I can get the DHCP stuff
working on the first box, but I am not sure about how to get the second box
to connect to box-1 or the internet.

I'm told I could buy a cable modem router, and just connect each box to it,
but the whole point of all of this is to learn, and I wouldn't learn much
that way.

I am reading the DHCP mini-how-to, but I need a little overview of what is
possible and what isn't, and maybe a pointer to some additional docs.

michael heyes

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