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Re: cable modem on home network

On 04/02/2002 07:22:02 AM mheyes wrote:

>> I have a small "network" at home with a dialup internet connection to
>> with one Ethernet card. The Ethernet card is connected to a hub, which
>> connected to box-2. Box-1 has ipmasq, and ipchains. Everything works as
>> should from both boxes.
>> I would like to use a cable modem (if Comcast ever gets around to
>> provisioning the cable modem). I am pretty sure I can get the DHCP stuff
>> working on the first box, but I am not sure about how to get the second
>> to connect to box-1 or the internet.

I had a similar experience going from modem using ip tables to DSL.

Pretty much, install another ethernet card and test it, say eth1.  Plug
eth1 into the cable modem, and get it to work (regarding DHCP, etc).  Go
thru your iptables rules and change every ppp0 to eth1.  You are done at
that time...

>> I'm told I could buy a cable modem router, and just connect each box to
>> but the whole point of all of this is to learn, and I wouldn't learn
>> that way.

Also much cheaper and more versatile.  Install a "squid" on your gateway to
accelerate web access.  Apt-geting a bunch of machines runs pretty much at
ethernet rate if you point them all to your squid.

>From "other locations" you can log into your gateway and do stuff, which is
not likely on a router.

If your provider doesn't otherwise stop you, with a PC firewall you can put
up "permanent" http servers, freenet nodes, gopher servers, MUDs, IRC bot,

Another good reason is I've never seen a consumer class NAT box that does
IPv6 tunneling, but any recent Debian box can do that and run RADVD on the
"private" LAN side.

Finally, consumer grade NATers generally have just about no logging or
troubleshooting ability, making maintenance a pain... Kind of like a
Microsoft product (plug it in, it might work, no one can help you if it

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