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Re: ReiserFS on a Firewall [was: Building Debian firewall]

On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 02:53:59PM +0100, Robert Davies wrote:
> > The only thing about ReiserFS is that depending on the kernel version
> > used, it may or may not be completely stable. I have already seen a few
> > reports on the linux-kernel mailing list of bugs/problems with ReiserFS
> > in the recently released 2.4.5 kernel.
> Patch already included in 2.4.5-ac1 announced, something to do with locking
> after umount, on shutdown.

And it has turned out to be a generic vfs bug; only reiserfs checked for the
presence of a lock which made it be the only one that oopsed.

> > Anyone know which version of the 2.4 kernel is most stable and reliable
> > with ReiserFS ?

2.2 with the reiserfs patches ;-)

Seriously, I've been using reiserfs for over a year now on two systems. Both
put a *huge* stress on the fs. The only thing I have ever been bitten by was
the tail zero thing in 2.4.1 (or was that .2?)
Of course, as usual, YMMV.



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