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Re: ReiserFS on a Firewall [was: Building Debian firewall]

>>>>> "Arne" == Arne P Boettger <apb@wohnheim.fh-wedel.de> writes:
    Arne> Well what exactly is exploitable in a filesystem on a
    Arne> Firewall???  In my opinion reiserfs is quite trustable and
    Arne> widely tested, if it were buggy it weren't included in Linus'
    Arne> kernel.  And if you can pinpoint "holes" whatsoever, i'd
    Arne> suggest you inform the reiserfs team so they can be closed.
    Arne> I would be really pleased if you could get a *little* more
    Arne> into the details, not just throwing thesises into the room...

I have been following this thread with a great deal of interest since I
plan to build a Debian-based firewall on an old P166 system. Its an
intriguing idea to run ReiserFS on a firewall system.

The only thing about ReiserFS is that depending on the kernel version
used, it may or may not be completely stable. I have already seen a few
reports on the linux-kernel mailing list of bugs/problems with ReiserFS
in the recently released 2.4.5 kernel.

Anyone know which version of the 2.4 kernel is most stable and reliable
with ReiserFS ?

However, I too would be interested in knowing what exploits, if any,
ReiserFS is susceptible to.

Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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