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Re: modifying boot floppies to do a firewall only install.

Rene Mayrhofer wrote:
> I do this with an initrd image. The kernel I am using is fully modular, even the
> IDE support is not directly compiled into the kernel, but built as modules. The
> boot loader (syslinux) loads the initrd image, which is a compiled ext2
> filesystem into RAM before it loads the linux kernel. The kernel then mounts
> this filesystem and executes my linuxrc script on it. This script tries to find
> the appropriate CD-ROM drive and loads SCSI controller modules on demand (it
> loads drivers for PCI SCSI controllers and probes all other ones if none was
> found on PCI). The same procedure is done for IDE CD-ROM drives (before
> searching for SCSI although, but it is less complex).
> It works quite well for IDE and my own SCSI system (with a Tekram SCSI
> controller). Since I do not have access to other SCSI systems, I would really
> like to know if it works for others (the first ISO image will be available in a
> few days).
> best greets,
> Rene

This approach makes sense.:-)
I wait to test it.I can test on an Adaptec SCSI controller.
Oh,well waiting for the ISO then.
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