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Re: modifying boot floppies to do a firewall only install.

There are lots of single-floppy or otherwise light Linux distros
that do firewalling/NATting/etc. Most of them don't have an
easy way to update the installed software other than getting
a new image and they typically don't have things like portsentry
and extenisve logging. I'm thinking that it shouldn't be too difficult
to make an install profile for people who want a little more than
what the single-sloppy versions can provide and want to avoid
commercial addons like NetMax. I don't want to go to the effort
of starting from scratch tho if someone out there is already
doing it for stock Debian.

* Stan Kaufman (sekfmn@pacbell.net) [000725 13:58]:
> Nathan Valentine wrote:
> > 
> > Is anyone working on boot-floopies that will do a secure-firewall
> > install? Like instead of choosing Advanced or Simple you might
> > choose Secure Router and it installs base, some IDS, ipmasq, etc?
> It's not a Debian project, but check out http://lrp.steinkuehler.net/
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