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Re: modifying boot floppies to do a firewall only install.

Mircea Luca wrote:
> Rene Mayrhofer wrote:
> > Please have a look at http://gibraltar.vianova.at/
> > It describes my Debian-based firewall project. ISO images of the first beta
> > version will be available in a few days (if nothing unexpected happens until
> > then).
> >
> > If you have any questions, please ask me.
> >
> > best greets,
> > Rene
> OK.I do have one question,Altough for a home user is not to likely to
> happen
> how do you solve the issue of SCSI when the computer have a SCSI CDROM
> &HDD ?
> If you have a lean kernel and everything is compiled as modules how do
> you access
> the modules in the first place without on the fly kernel recompile at
> install(ugh! and HDD only)or dedicated bootfloppies compiled each with
> support for one SCSI
> controller?
I do this with an initrd image. The kernel I am using is fully modular, even the
IDE support is not directly compiled into the kernel, but built as modules. The
boot loader (syslinux) loads the initrd image, which is a compiled ext2
filesystem into RAM before it loads the linux kernel. The kernel then mounts
this filesystem and executes my linuxrc script on it. This script tries to find
the appropriate CD-ROM drive and loads SCSI controller modules on demand (it
loads drivers for PCI SCSI controllers and probes all other ones if none was
found on PCI). The same procedure is done for IDE CD-ROM drives (before
searching for SCSI although, but it is less complex). 
It works quite well for IDE and my own SCSI system (with a Tekram SCSI
controller). Since I do not have access to other SCSI systems, I would really
like to know if it works for others (the first ISO image will be available in a
few days).

best greets,

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