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Users visiting debconf (was: Debian Event Publicity)

[ adding the debconf-team list to the CCs ]


* Wolfgang Lonien <wolfgang@lonien.de> [060804 11:00]:
> One question which probably would be of interest to *users*, and which I
> didn't see until now:
> Are users supposed/invited to visit Debconf - or is that a DD event
> only? Seems like a silly question maybe, but still I haven't seen that
> yet...

Speaking as debconf orga team member, I would surely say:  It depends.
Of course everyone - indlucing users - is invited to attend DebConf.
But since the main target group are Debian developers, wannabe
Developers and so called "power users", the question would be, how
interesting it is for them.

If a "normal user" (what's that anyway?) finds interesting sessions in
the programm:  Fine.  If he want's to attend them:  Better.  If he
gives usefull feedback, participates beside listening and becomes a
member of the community:  Even better.  If he later joins the a team,
and helps to improve Debian:  Hey, that's why we are organizing DebConf,
aren't we :)

Yours sincerely,


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