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Re: Debian stuff for LWCE SF

On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 07:10:58PM -0400, Bryan Brannigan wrote:
> Yes, plese let me ASAP.  I'll the ISO and a count of CDs you would like.

OK, sorry again that we're late with this: I'd imagine we'd probably
give out about 25-30 CDs a day? I don't really have a good idea of how
popular these would be. For 3 days of conference, that comes to about 90
ish... how about 100, to make it square?

Anyway, the URL for the image will be

It's not the newest but it has some semblance of guaranteed
functionality (and some guaranteed bugs here and there, but overall it

> Which logo would you like on the stickers?

The Open Use logo with the word 'debian' under it is good, I think.
[Arbitrary decision]


> I can get 500 cards for you.  Let me know what you'd like them to say/look
> like.

Matt's job... think he already replied, it's too late for me to think.

Thanks for all the help!

Joshua Kwan

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