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RE: Debian stuff for LWCE SF

> > The best situation would be to get me ISOs 3 to 4 weeks 
> before the show.
> > This gives me plenty of time to produce the CDs and get 
> them to you.  
> > Let me know what kind of demand you think there will be for 
> discs and 
> > I can let you know what I can provide.
> Hm, that's _now_ isn't it... Is this Thursday/Friday OK for these?

Yes, plese let me ASAP.  I'll the ISO and a count of CDs you would like.
> > I see from Matt's reply he is taking care of T-Shirts and 
> has a couple 
> > banners.  I could provide you with some Debian stickers or a small 
> > number of
> > (50) t-shirts... Maybe as part of a contest?
> Debian stickers would be nice. I can totally see Amaya 
> wearing one in places they're not meant to be worn .. [1] :)

Which logo would you like on the stickers?

> I think the CDs are all we really need. Can you handle 
> printing the businesscards that Matt was talking about?

I can get 500 cards for you.  Let me know what you'd like them to say/look

--Bryan Brannigan

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