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Re: Debian stuff for LWCE SF

[ I could have sworn I replied to this message before: I don'tsee any
sign of it in my FCC though. Sorry if I'm re-replying :) ]

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 10:30:13AM -0400, Bryan Brannigan wrote:
> I own AlmostFreeLinux.com a CD retailer and also use Debian quite heavily.
> I worked with Adam last year to provide some CDs for a New York show.  These
> CDs were co-branded, they had our logo and the Debian logo on them.  My
> motivation is two-fold: to help the Debian project and to bring awareness of
> my business to Linux fans.

Sounds good to me.

> The best situation would be to get me ISOs 3 to 4 weeks before the show.
> This gives me plenty of time to produce the CDs and get them to you.  Let me
> know what kind of demand you think there will be for discs and I can let you
> know what I can provide.

Hm, that's _now_ isn't it... Is this Thursday/Friday OK for these?

> I see from Matt's reply he is taking care of T-Shirts and has a couple
> banners.  I could provide you with some Debian stickers or a small number of
> (50) t-shirts... Maybe as part of a contest?

Debian stickers would be nice. I can totally see Amaya wearing one in
places they're not meant to be worn .. [1] :)

As for shirts, I think Matt has enough - Matt? How many shirts, and also
a general status update?

I don't think the contest thing will pan out, from experience organizing
stuff like this for school.

> Let me know what I can do...

I think the CDs are all we really need. Can you handle printing the
businesscards that Matt was talking about?

Well, this stuff seems to be taking some form... Let's hope it all comes
together! Thanks again Bryan.

Joshua Kwan

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