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Re: Debian stuff for LWCE SF

"Bryan Brannigan" writes...

> Which logo would you like on the stickers?

The Open Use Logo with Debian. If you're doing square stickers put Debian 
under the swirl, rectangular stickers put it to the right (like the debian.org 

> > I think the CDs are all we really need. Can you handle 
> > printing the businesscards that Matt was talking about?
> I can get 500 cards for you.  Let me know what you'd like them to say/look
> like.

Here's the design I came up with for a recent show.
We could probably put more on them, any suggestions?
If you intend to put them on business cards we'll need to change the layout a 
bit.  I think we could probably use about 1000 for the show. If we make them 
generic enough they can be used for future shows as well and we could do a 
large run now and have leftovers.

Matt Taggart

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