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Re: Current State (10-Jan-05): LinuxDays.lu (25th/26th of January 2005)

Information concerning the Youthhostel and some Hardware.

> > Furniture
> > ---------
> >
> > Bob, Lionel: What kind of furniture will the booths have. I guess each
> > booth needs at least 2 or 3 desks and 4 to 6 chairs. For the beamer
> > also a bright flat wall would be useful.
> I requested some more information concerning the booth furniture from
> the organizers. More information on the booth furniture in the next
> mail. (hopefully) :)

Debian got 2 Tables, so there should basically be enough space.

I should get 2 or 3, maybe even 4 iMac's from the School,  so I should
be able to give one or 2, depending on the number of machines I can
get, to Debian. Will there be some people present during the evening
of the 24th, so that we can install them, or will that job be done
during the LinuxDays itself?

For the Youthhostel, I have been confirmed that the rooms are booked.
Actually I took the 2 rooms, but had to specify that there were only 7
people. It shouldn't be a problem to get another bed somewhere

Bob Hentges a.k.a. maradong
Jabber: maradong@jabber.org

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