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Re: LinuxDays.lu (25th/26th of January 2005): Organisational Things

Axel Beckert wrote:

In about one month the LinuxDays.lu will take place. We'll have a
Debian booth there.

Dalibor, what about you? Do you have time? We could rape Sparcs
again... ;-)

I'd love to come and help with the booth! It's been a great place to hang out at and meet some debian developers.

Bob, can we expect some getting some hardware lend from the organizors
as last year? Do you still have an uptodate Debian mirror?

I could slurp the latest sarge from MPII's mirror and bring it along on a DVD or two.

I'll probably bring my Hamstation (a Sparc Station 4 clone, now with a
half working Sarge on it :-) again, maybe a Pentium-1-Thinkpad, too.
(No, I don't have no new computers... ;-)

My own bizarre hardware stack hasn't grown either (sh3, hpcmips, sparc), but I'm looking forward to testing the new installer on your Hamstation ;)


I wrote on 20th of October:

Dalibor: BTW, we still owe our host from 2003 a set of Sarge CDs...
(We thought, we'll send him a set of CDs after Sarge has become
stable... Well, we once thought, we could send it to him as a
christmas present. For christmas 2003... But I guess, it'll be a
good christmas present for 2004... ;-)

Well, I hope it at least will become a good christmas present for
2005... *gd&r*

Well, there is 3.0r4 :) and with the current sarge it's a spindle full of CDs :)

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