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Re: Current State (10-Jan-05): LinuxDays.lu (25th/26th of January 2005)

* Axel Beckert <abe@deuxchevaux.org> [050110 11:21]:

> > Oh, and you need at least 6 people to build it.
> Oh. That's then a bigger problem... Let me guess: One person per glass
> side?

Something like that.  If you try realy carefully, one person can hold
two glas sides, while two try to place the cap (Deckel? Even das Ding
was oben drauf kommt) on them.  That are still 5, but since I read, you
organized seven people, I'm sure, you can handle that, while I watch you
and take funny pictures ;)

> > > How much merchandising stuff is still in there (or
> > > thereby)? Do I need to order some more at Jörg or so?
> > AFAIK we have nothing left, but Jörg might be able to order some from
> > ... ähh ... what was here name ... Petra?
> Ah, Petra. Yes, It should be Petra. :-)

That was a question for Jörg.  He got in contact with someone called
"Petra" of www.kernelconcepts.de I believe during on of the last
LinuxTags, where we got all our debian/rules shirts an all that quite

> > Please!  Trust in my magic CEO powers!  I never leave my home for mor
> > than three hours without my Debian mirror!
> LOL, ok, I believe. ;-)

Axel Beckert, founder and head priest of the united sect of Tolimar
believers ;)

> > Just tell me, which architectures we'll need, since I delete sometimes
> > everything but i386+powerpc of them for ... ähhh ... more important
> > stuff ;)
> Perfect. Could you try to get a Sparc (32 bits if it makes a
> difference, sun4m, you know my pizza box from the BSP) mirror with
> you?

Sure.  woody/sarge/sid +non-US+non-free+sources, +some di images.

> > Well, the summer 2004 DVDs start to get dusty, but still work very fine.
> > Would be a waste of our sponsors money, if we could use them
> Ehm, am I completely wrong or is there a "not" missing somewhere in
> that sentence?


You should have a Tolimar-capable real time error correction while
trying to communicate with me ;)

> Even more perferct. You're a real CEO. How did we manage LinuxDays.lu
> 2003 without you? ;-))

Don't know.  Perhaps you prayed, and in my superhuman kindliness I
worked a wonder via my magic CEO powers?

Yours sincerely,

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