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Re: Current State (10-Jan-05): LinuxDays.lu (25th/26th of January 2005)


Alexander Schmehl schrieb am Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 04:06:02AM +0100:
> > Tolimar/Jörg: How easy is the showcase to transport?
> Two huge cases of wood.  One is as big as the pedestal (Sockel), I think
> it's arround 1m high and 1.2m width and deep.  The other one contains
> all the glas sides and is ~2m deep and quite weighty.

That should not be the problem. There's at least space for (DIN :-)
transport coffins *eg* in my car, so it should fit.

> Oh, and you need at least 6 people to build it.

Oh. That's then a bigger problem... Let me guess: One person per glass

> > Where do we have to get it?
> In a small village near Heidelberg (?).

Ok, so it's not really on the way from me to you neither on the way
from you to Luxembourg. But also not that far from my home (40km to
50km to the south east I guess). Humm.

> > How much merchandising stuff is still in there (or
> > thereby)? Do I need to order some more at Jörg or so?
> AFAIK we have nothing left, but Jörg might be able to order some from
> ... ähh ... what was here name ... Petra?

Ah, Petra. Yes, It should be Petra. :-)

Ok, I'll contact him regarding the details this evening. Thanks for
all the detailed information so far.

> > On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 11:59:00AM +0100, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> > > > Bob, can we expect some getting some hardware lend from the organizors
> > > > as last year? Do you still have an uptodate Debian mirror?
> > > I could slurp the latest sarge from MPII's mirror and bring it along on 
> > > a DVD or two.
> > Bob's Debian mirror went up in smoke, he told me, so this wouldn't be
> > the badest idea.
> Please!  Trust in my magic CEO powers!  I never leave my home for mor
> than three hours without my Debian mirror!

LOL, ok, I believe. ;-)

> Just tell me, which architectures we'll need, since I delete sometimes
> everything but i386+powerpc of them for ... ähhh ... more important
> stuff ;)

Perfect. Could you try to get a Sparc (32 bits if it makes a
difference, sun4m, you know my pizza box from the BSP) mirror with

> > Ok, can you bring some burnt of the MPII mirror? Or shall we take one
> > of the summer 2004 DVDs as present?
> Well, the summer 2004 DVDs start to get dusty, but still work very fine.
> Would be a waste of our sponsors money, if we could use them

Ehm, am I completely wrong or is there a "not" missing somewhere in
that sentence? But anyway: I just thought of one mirror for installing
boxes, not for giving them away to visitors. For giving them away the
2004 DVDs should be just fine, even if dusty. :)

> > > IIRC we have still Sarge i386 + powerpc DVDs from LinuxTag 2004.  Not
> > > uptodate, but should work for most people ;)
> > Well, for giving away, those are fine. But for installing new boxes
> > (if we will install any), IMHO it would be good to have a quite actual
> > copy. (Which Dalibor and I can give as a present to our host from last
> > year at the end of the event. :-)
> It works well to use burned rc2 netinstalls cds to start the
> installation and use the dvd as source medium for packages.  Saves
> bandwidth.

Good idea. Bought. ;-)

> > Hmmm, this seems to change from time to time. If GNOME 2.8 wouldn't
> > have come to Sarge I would have strongly disagreed. But we already
> > have at least one Sarge box from Tolimar and a Sid Vaio from Myon.
> The nice thing about big harddisks is, that you can install more than 1
> flavour.  Actually my barebone has a sarge, at least one sid and woody
> chroot, and perhaps I'll try to install hurd on it, there's still some
> space left ;)

Even more perferct. You're a real CEO. How did we manage LinuxDays.lu
2003 without you? ;-))

> > > > http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/booth.html doesn't mention
> > > > things like that very detailed, although the last few debian booths I
> > > > saw seemed to have always the same merchandising stuff and show case.
> > > Jörg and Tolimar have access to it.
> > Tolimar: I've got a very big estate car... :-)
> . o O ( I hate the show case. )

Well, do we have some less complicated alternative? Doesn't a
cardboard box match Debians chaotic vein much better? ;-)

> > > > > Is there a possibility to get that Illiad poster with "Why
> > > > > Mike likes Debian"
> > > > > (http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/mike.html)?
> > [...]
> > ic. But where does that one poster we have, then come from? And
> > who has it currently. Also Noël? Or is it with the show case?
> IIRC nearly all our posters, including the mike one, has credative, so
> if you contact him for Ayo posters, DVDs and flyers, ask for the mike
> photo, too ;)

We'll be done this evening.

	Regards, Axel
Axel Beckert - abe@deuxchevaux.org - http://abe.home.pages.de/

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